You may be considering or already going to through one of the most trying times in your life, divorcing your spouse.  It seems like there is a never-ending list of to do's and that's if your divorce is amicable! 

We'd like to take a few moments to try to help you understand just one aspect of the divorce process that many people  know nothing about: real estate and mortgages.

 When you divorce there are so many things you need to know in regards to real estate and your home mortgage. We're here in Lees Summit to help everyone out, and we've had plenty of experience with getting mortgages for the recenlty divorced or divorcing.

We want you to be aware of the complexities that come along with divorce with regards to the real estate and mortgage process and we know that it always helps to feel like someone can help you find the best way to work through a stressful time with proven real estate and mortgage strategies to get you through as quickly and as easily as possible. Here's a list of just a few ways that we can help you navigate your mortgage and the issues surrounding divorce:

  • We’ll help you avoid any financial pitfalls associated with divorce
  • Assistance with quit claim deeds and marriage waivers to make your home buying experience a smooth one.
  • Making sure your credit is ‘mortgage-ready.’
  • Picking the right loan program for your needs.
  • Discuss available down payment options
  • Refinance to remove a spouse from the deed of your home.
  • 11 years experience in working with individuals in your situation.

If you have any more questions feel free to call our divorce real estate and mortgage hotline: (816)268-4025.

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