Harrisonville Home Loans

One of our local areas that's a great place to get a USDA home loan is in Harrisonville, 

But you didn't come here for a history lesson, you came here to see about Harrisonvill Home Loans.  Harrisonville is one of the last cities near Kansas City that is available for USDA home loans.  Missouri.  It's not too far from Kansas City and has plenty of great neighborhoods to live in! Harrisonville was incorporated in 1837 and was originally named "Democrat, MO. It's history as a part of the infamous American Civil war General Thomas Ewing's Order number 11 that emptied all towns in Cass County is well documented. 

The USDA home Loan program is also known as the Rural Development Loan and was developed to help with urban sprawl in booming metropolitan areas.  The advantages to the USDA Mortgage are 

  • 100% financing - this means your Harrisonville Home Loans don't have any costs (other than closings costs), another way of saying this is that your home loan won't have any down payment!
  • Competitive Mortgage Rates - the interest rates on the USDA mortgage loan are typically about the same as an FHA home mortgage, so that means they are a little lower than conventional rates.
  • NO PMI - One of the benefits of the USDA home loan over choosing an FHA loan is that you won't have to pay for mortgage insurance over the life of your loan - saving you tons of money!
If you're considering Harrisonville Home Loans, then consider the USDA Loan.  It's a great program that can get you into your dream home! So if you're interested in getting one of these home mortgage loans you can call us today (816) 268-4025 to find out more about this amazing loan program. (or get preapproved here on our website by clicking here.)
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