Lees Summit Home Loans

One of the best parts about being a mortgage lender in the great city of Lees Summit is that you get to see people who come from all walks of life buying a home and moving in - it truly is amazing to hear how excited people get when I call them and tell them they are 'clear to close' on their home. The other great part about being a Lee's Summit mortgage lender is that almost anyone can get a home loan, now remember, there are some qualifications you have to meet - such as good credit scores, having a good income from a steady job - and it all has to be verifiable, because our motto here is "Trust, but verify!"

A lot of people live under the misconception to that get a Home in Lees Summit you have to have a 20% down payment, but there are many mortgage options out there that can help you get into a home without that 20% down payment.  The first home loan is the FHA home loan.  This is a great home loan for first time home buyers or people who simply don't have a huge nest egg to spend on a large down payment.

The FHA Lee's Summit home loan only requires a 3.5 percent down payment, so you could get into a $100,000 home for a downpayment of $3500!  You will have to pay some PMI, but that's not a huge deal when compared to noisy upstairs neighbors in an apt. complex or seeing your children running around and playing in your backyard with neighborhood friends from school!

Another option to find a Home in Lees Summit would be the VA home loan.  This loan is reserved for retired veterans or active duty military members who meet the qualifications of service time.  If you qualify you get a 100% financed home loan - it's an amazing benenfit for those folks who have protected our country!

If you'd like to get pre-approved for a Lee's Summit home loan

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