One of the most common questions we hear when people ask us about home loans is "Where do I come up with my down payment?"  For people who are looking to get an Odessa Missouri Home Loan, the answer is simple.  If you qualify for the USDA home loan you don't need a down payment!  Yes, that's right.  When you get a USDA home loan the entire loan is financed! It's 100% financing, and it's available for Odessa Missouri!

You will have to meet the normal mortgage qualifications (good credit, gainfully employeed, able to pay your bills and so on)  as well as a couple of qualifications that are USDA specific, but not too hard to meet.

The first qualification is the location eligibility qualification.  This means simple that to get your Odessa Missouri Home Loan you need to find out if the USDA has deemed your property as one of their potential locations. (and you're in luck Odessa is eligible - as of Nov.1, 2013) The way to verify this is to go to the USDA location eligibility website and enter in your properties information.

The second qualification you'll need to meet is the income verifiction.  The USDA home loan only allows the homeowner to make a certain amount of money, so you can go to the USDA income qualification page and find out if you're under the limit.

We're experts with USDA home loans (and lots of others too) so give us a call today (816)268-4025 or apply online here and get started on getting your Odessa Missouri Home Loans!

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