Pleasant Hill Home LoansThe small town of Pleasant Hill Missouri is a lovely little city located 
just southeast of Lees Summit Missouri and makes a great home if you are looking to live in a rural community.  One of the reasons we love Pleasant Hill Missouri is because P.Hill (as many call it) is far enough away to seem like great country living but close enough that you won't feel like you're living in the middle of nowhere.  
Pleasant Hill Home Loans are easy to obtain if you meet the standard criteria 
  1. You must meet the minimum credit score
  2. You must provide all the required documentation (which you can find here)
  3. You must be a great person who is willing to let us help you make your dreams come true!
The other majoy benefit to getting Pleasant Hill Home Loans is that this town is eligible for the USDA mortgage program.  The USDA Loan is a 100% financed home loan, which means you don't have to make a down payment (but you might have to pay closing costs,) when you come to closing.
 The requirements for the USDA home loan are simple: 
  1. You must find a home in a USDA home loan eligibile area Check here.
  2. You must not make more than the USDA allows. Check here.
If you're interested in finding a home in Pleasant Hill Missouri then you've found the right place to get Pleasant Hill Home Loans! Call us today (816)268-4025 to get started on your mortgage or you can get started online on our application page!
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