Rausch Coleman New Homes in Kansas City

Our team at LeaderOne Financial in Lee's Summit is thrilled to partner with a premiere home builder in Kansas City known for expert craftsmanship and affordability. Rausch Coleman Homes, originally from Arkansas, is a 56-year-old company that was founded by a grandpa-grandson duo and has recently expanded into our Kansas City market. This group builds move-in ready, affordable homes. And we're thrilled to be partnering with them as a preferred mortgage lender of their new homes in Kansas City.


Rausch Coleman Homes in Kansas City

Since their arrival to our market, Rausch Coleman Homes has already become the #2 Kansas City home deleloper in the area. They build great homes in a great place to live. Kansas City has been nationally ranked as top city to settle down in due to low housing prices, attractions, buisness enterprise ... not to mention amazing BBQ. The quality of life in Kansas City is high.

About Rausch Coleman Home Builders

Rausch Coleman offers homebuyers the opportunity to buy a brand new home. The homes are near completion - homeowners get the fun part of choosing a layout that matches their lifestyle and all of the colors, stains and surfaces. Rausch Coleman has over 50 years of experience in home building and offers a limited lifetime home warranty on each new home.

We chose to partner with them because of our like-mindedness when it comes to getting Kansas City families into homes they can afford. We especially like this quote from their founder, Mr. Coleman:

“I wanted to ensure that everyone could realize the American Dream of Home Ownership, not just the fortunate ones,” Buddy Coleman

Rausch Coleman and LeaderOne Financial in Lees Summit

We share Buddy’s thoughts as a mortgage lender in Lee's Summit. We strive to get everyone into a home loan they can afford, and ultimately into a house that they love. We offer several loan products like VA loans, USDA loans, FHA and Conventional loans. We're ready to work with all homeowners moving into a Rausch Colman new home and help you secure the financing you need to move into the home of your dreams.

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