Saint Joseph Home Loans are easy to get than you might think they are.  We've helped hundreds of people work the the process of getting a mortgage and we can help you get in a new home or refinance.  Don't let the fear of the complicated process of getting a home loan keep you from you dreams.

We've been in the mortgage business for over 10 years and we've seen just about every possible situation, so we're not shocked by much anymore, we're just ready and waiting to help you get on the path to Saint Joseph Home Loans success.  One of the keys to starting off well in the mortgage process is to be honest when you're getting pre-approved.  We know you want a home, and frankly we want you to have a home too, but not telling us all of the truth about your financial history is not a great way to start the process!

Once you've started the pre-approval process we can have a quick discussion about what the best loan program for your Saint Joseph Home Loans need.  There are typcially 4 options that we can present you with depending on your situation and unique circumstances.

  • The FHA Home Loan  
    • This is a great home loan that has a 3.5% down payment (as opposed to 20%) which can be a gift from a family member!
  • USDA Mortgage Loan
    • This is also known as the rural development home loan, and is 100% financed for those looking in qualified rural areas and who are below the income limits set by the USDA.
  • The VA Loan program
    • This loan is only for qualifying veterans and active duty military servicemen and women, but it is 100% financing, so that means no down payment and no mortgage insurance. (also ask us about Homes for Heroes as well!)
  • Conventional Home Mortgage
    • This is the mortgage loan that most people know about, it requires a 20% down payment and is great for folks moving from one house to another becuae you can use the proceeds from your old home as the down payment!
If you're ready to make the move from renting to purchasing a home OR if you're ready to move into a new home give us a call (816)268-4025 or start the online pre-approval process here.
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