Sedalia Missouri is home of the great Missouri State Fair and is not far from Whiteman Air Force Base.  If you're looking to live in Sedalia Missouri let me tell you about the options your have for Sedalia Home Loans.  

With Sedalia Missouri being located so closely to Whiteman AFB, you may be a active-duty military member who is looking for a way to use your BAH to purchase a home.  

A great benefit to those in the military (who qualify) is the VA Mortgage benefit. The VA backs this loan 100% so you don't have to bring in a down payment to your closing. (but don't confuse your closing costs with your downpayment - you may still have to bring in some money to closing.)  

Sedalia Home Loans

This home loan is only available to veterans and active-duty servicemen and women who have served in the US Armed Forces who meet the minimum credit criteria.

However if you're not a veteran or currenlty serving in the US military, there are still more home mortgage loan options for you.  

Perhaps you're a first time home buyer looking to make the switch from renting (throwing away money) and buying (building equity and an investment).  The FHA home loan is a great loan that can help you make that first step into owning your own home.  The low downpayment (3.5%) along with competitive mortgage rates make this the perfect mortgage for first time home buyers!

If you're selling a previous home and moving into a new house, then a conventional home loan might suite your needs best - just remember that you'll need a 20% down payment. 

This is just a simple outline of what you can find when you begin looking at your options for Sedalia Home Loans.  Please give us a call to find out more about these programs! (816)268-4025 or if you're ready to get pre-approved so you can start looking at homes. Then simply click here!

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