USDA Loan Requirements - Learn About Your USDA Loan Eligibility

The USDA loan is part of a federal program that supports rural development. If you’re buying a home in a rural area, make sure to check with me to determine if you’re eligible for a USDA loan. The USDA loan requires ZERO down payments – which is almost unheard of these days.

Other benefits to the USDA loan includes a 30-year fixed interest rate – meaning the rate will not adjust over its lifespan. Also, no mortgage insurance is required on a USDA loan.

If you’re eligible for a USDA loan, this is a great route to financing. Below are some eligibility requirements:

  • Rural area
    You must purchase property within an eligible area. To determine if you’re eligible, check out the interactive map on the
    USDA’s website or call my office at (816) 875-6538.
  • Income requirements
    There is an income limit that is set for your county – you must not exceed that in order to be eligible. Some of the factors that go into determining include:
    • Your county
    • The total number of people in the household
    • The number of residents under age 18 (or disabled or full time students)
    • Your age
    • The number of disabled persons in the home
    • Your monthly expenses versus your income
  • Credit history
    This works differently than a credit score – your credit history will be reviewed to determine if you appear to be someone able to repay the debt and not default on the loan.

USDA loan in the Kansas City area

Many towns that lie on the outskirts of the KC Metro are eligible for a USDA loan.

Some Missouri towns eligible for the USDA loan may include:  Kearney, Higginsville, Warrensburg, Lexington, Harrisonville and Plattsburg (among many others.)

Some rural towns in Kansas eligible for a USDA loan may include:  Atchison, Valley Falls, Gardner, Ottawa and Paola (among many others.)

Check with us to determine if your future address would be eligible for a USDA loan! If your area fits requirements we’ll then determine if your income does, too.

Get started by calling us at (816) 875-6538.