Hear From Our Clients With Summit Lending Reviews

I want to personally thank Darren and his team at Leader One Financial for helping me close my purchase in 10 days.  I had been pre-approved with another lender before coming across Darren and couldn't be happier!

S. Siestra

My wife and I had been turned down by 3 other lenders before our real estate agent referred us to Darren Copeland.  We submitted our paperwork and were moving into our new home 2.5 weeks later in time for the Holidays.  We have already sent 2 of our family members to Leader One Financial to get approved for their home.  Thank you!

E. Pierce

My husband and I sat down with Darren and we combined our Home Equity Line of Credit along with some of our credit card debt into one loan.  Our new loan is at a lower interest rate and we can write off all of our interest now.  The best thing is that Darren saved us over $700 in monthly cash flow!!!  We appreciate all your efforts.....thank you.

M. McGraw

“Darren Copeland and his team at Leader One Financial exemplify excellence. The entire loan process was seamless. Darren handled all aspects of my loan, keeping me informed during each step of the process. I never felt one bit of the normal stress that usually comes from buying a home. When there were little hiccups along the way, all I heard was, “I’ll take care of it.” The next thing I knew, I had a date to sign my documents and now I own a beautiful new home. Thanks, Darren! You are truly a rock star!”

H. Corpron

"We had banks laughing at us when we told them we wanted to buy a home. Then I saw one of Darren's articles and we decided to call for our free consultation. Darren really understood what we went through financially after my job loss. He and his staff took such an active role in helping us restore our credit and we were able to buy our first home in less than 6 months after our bankruptcy was discharged. We love our new home and we cannot thank Darren and the rest of the Leader One Financial Team enough for their knowledge and guidence."

Ralph and Tammy, Kansas City


Darren, I want to thank you for all you did for me and my family. We love our new house. After speaking to you the first time, I knew you were going to be our family’s go to guy. Your diligence, hard work and persistence in helping us buy our home and restore our credit are two things that Laura and I cannot thank you enough for. The process of dealing with you and your staff couldn’t have been easier every promise made to us was kept and in a timely fashion. Darren, you and your company have been a blessing to our family and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!

Tom and Laura, Las Vegas

"The last thing we wanted to do was talk to anyone about our credit. We felt so ashamed after our bankruptcy. When I finally built up enough courage to call Darren at Leader One Financial. I realized right away that he could help us. The way he described his own struggles with debt and credit issues made Kylie and I feel like we were not alone. Darren really made us feel respected and we are looking forward to moving into our new home. I only wish we had called him sooner."

Mark and Kylie, Kansas City, MO

Just writing a quick note to thank you for the wonderful service that you gave to me and Ann. You made us understand the best course of action for our needs, and made us feel confident that all of the decisions that we made along the way were well informed and the right ones. We can't thank you enough for helping us eliminate the debt we were fighting, we are in a great position now to really help my oldest daughter with her freshman year at William Jewell!

George and Ann, Lee's Summit, MO

I first met with Darren Copeland from Leader One Financial in the middle of April 2006. I had been receiving letters from him for several months and decided to give him a call. I was really suffering as a result of the loan I had with HomeEq. They had just raised my rate by more than 2% and the increase in payment and even though I have a great job with good income it was really hard to keep up with the payments. In addition, I was paying a very high rate on my car which was compounding my problem. When I met with Darren I knew right away that he would be able to help me. Shortly after our meeting I received another notice from HomeEq stating that my loan payment would go up by another 1.5% which would raise my payment an additional $250/mo.

Darren was able to help me to drastically improve my payments. He was able to help me payoff this out of control mortgage, consolidate my high interest rate car and provide me $16,000 of cash as a reserve emergency fund. He did this all and my payments went down by $1400/mo. This increase in cash flow helps me so much. Now I can start saving money rather that playing catch up all the time.

Donald, Lee's Summit, MO


Darren and his team were incredibly helpful and easy to work with. I was a little bit unsure about working with a company I've never used before-since we've always worked with our bank-but after speaking with some friends who have used LeaderOne, I felt confident that we would have a positive experience.

After only one meeting Darren got the ball rolling and everything taken care of, communicating with us every step of the way- we were even able to close a day early thanks to LeaderOne's hard work! My husband and I have worked with other lenders in the past (and dealt with delays, issues, etc), but after this experience I would never go anywhere else! Thanks Darren, Liz, and everyone at LeaderOne for an awesome experience!