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This is our our one stop shop for the best information on home loans in the Kansas city area and we're so happy that you found this page on our website - Chances are you are looking for information on how to proceed with your mortgage loan after getting pre-approved or perhaps you're just looking for some new information when it comes to getting your home loan.

This is our resource page that can help you find all the information you need to purchase a home and get a great mortgage loan as well. We want your home loan process to be educational as well as easy as pie, so we've put together a few great resources to help you get your home loan in Lees Summit and the Kansas City area.

If you're wanting to learn more about the process of getting a mortgage with us you can check out our YouTube pages.

Click Here KC Loan Tips YouTube Channel

or if you're looking for a VA Home Loan.

Click Here Midwest VA Loans YouTube Channel

During your mortgage process we're going to need to gather some documents from you. here's a simple PDF file to let you know what documents you'll need.

Documents you need - PDF File

You can read our blog for lots of great information on what's going on in the current mortgage market - such as rates and other information.

and finally if you're a heatlh care employee, teacher, police officer, firefighter, or U.S. military you probably qualify for a discount through a program we participate in called Homes for Heroes. You can sign up for Homes for Heroes and learn more at

We'r one of the best mortgage lenders in the KC area and we want your business.

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