Use Our Missouri Mortgage Calculator to Estimate Your Payments

LeaderOne Financial in Lee's Summit, MO offers several mortgage calculator options to assist you in calculating your estimated mortgage payment. A mortgage calculator provides an estimate on your loan payment given your current financial information. This tool should be used as a guide - not as guaranteed indicator of loan payments or worth. You should talk to a qualified expert to obtain a 100% accurate perception. 

To pre-qualify for a home loan or calculate your mortgage payment, please email Darren Copeland's team at LeaderOne Financial or call (816) 268-5025.


1. Monthly Mortgage Payment Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator will compute your Total Monthly Mortgage Payment. Your monthly payment will include principal, interest and an escrow account for property taxes and homeowners insurance. (This is also known as PITI.) These figures will be based on the term of your loan (amortization) and the amount of money you can put as a down payment, which is known as the loan to value (LTV).

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2. Monthly Payment Amortization Calculator

This mortgage calculator will show you how long it will take for you to pay down your home loan over time. The mortgage calculator computes your Monthly Mortgage Payment, the Total Interest you will pay over the term of the loan plus the total amount you will actually pay for borrowing the money. Simply input your financial information into the required fields and check the "Show Amortization Schedule" box to see a breakdown of payments over the term of your home loan, and how long it will take to pay down the principal of your loan.

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3. Mortgage Calculator To Determine How Much You Can Afford For A House

This mortgage calculator will help you determine the maximum amount of home loan for which you qualify. Please note that these figures are guidelines only and you should always check with your mortgage lender to determine the best home loan program to fit your needs. Your mortgage loan qualifications will be based on your income, current debts and credit ratings. This calculator will also show you how much will you save on taxes by being a homeowner.

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4. Should I Refinance? Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator will show if refinancing your current mortgage is appropriate by taking your current Monthly Mortgage Payment and Total Interest and comparing it to your Refinancing Savings when you refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate. You can also request to finance Closing Costs to see how many months it will take to break even.

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5. Renting or Buying A Home Comparison Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator will assist you in deciding whether it is better to rent or buy a home. This is done by computing the costs of renting versus the costs of buying a home. There are many things included in the loan calculation such as interest on your loan, property taxes, tax savings, home appreciation, closing costs on your mortgage and more.

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6. How To Pay Off My Mortgage Early Mortgage Calculator

You can pay off your existing mortgage sooner than its due date by simply applying additional payments to your principal balance. This mortgage calculator will show how the additional monthly payment on your mortgage will help you pay off your current mortgage within a specified number of years. It will also show your interest savings if you make an additional payment each month from now and until your mortgage is paid off.

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7. How Much Of My Payment Is Interest vs Principal? Mortgage Calculator

For the first years of your mortgage, most of your mortgage payment is going to pay interest and very little is going to actual principal. This loan calculator will help you to determine the principal and interest breakdown on any given payment number. Just enter the home loan's original terms (principal, interest rate, number of payments and monthly payment amount) and the desired payment number to calculate principal and interest breakdown.

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