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Learn How Your Home Can Pay You
In Your Golden Years.

Local finance expert comes clean on the truths about reverse mortgages. Don’t LOSE OUT on this opportunity to NEVER have a mortgage payment again.

DISCOVER important concepts that allow seniors the ability to "age in place," affording long-term care at home with or without long-term care insurance!

important information that seniors and their family members need to be armed with when making decisions about financial matters and health care matters.

In today’s world, families need help finding the answers to questions about long-term care and cash flow planning.  Families need a fast, effective, efficient guide to the long-term care universe that covers all bases.  Only when we are educated about all of the tools available can we make informed decisions. The Senior Solution can open your eyes to new programs and opportunities for seniors, as well as educate you as a family about long-term care.  This guide book is designed to point you in the right direction regardless of your current situation.

  • Learn how to keep seniors at home for life.
  • Learn the REAL cost of long-term care.
  • Learn about programs and services for seniors that few people truly understand!
  • Know the right question to ask a health care provider.
  • Understand the importance of cash flow planning.
  • Read about seniors who live safely at home for life, and how they achieved financial security.
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