How To Get Uncle Uncle Sam To Give You $8000 With No Strings Attached
          You hear about government bailouts for corporations all over the news. The government has now become a partner in the banking industry, the auto industry and how many other industries to come.
         What about you, the little guy? Where’s the help for you? Well that has all changed. The government has set up a bailout for people just like you. Let me explain…
         You may have heard the news saying the real estate market is in bad shape, you may have also heard it is more difficult to get a loan and you may realize you desire to own your own home.
         As you continue to read this letter, you will notice you may want to buy a home now. This is one of the best buying opportunities in history. It’s a buyers market and some people want to buy and before you finish this letter you too may want to buy a home.
         So how do you take unfair advantage of the best home buying opportunity in a century? You may discover it’s very simple. So you might want to keep reading.
         Let’s start with some of the things you may have heard that are not true…like you need to put down 20% to get a mortgage…

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